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Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage

Worship and Healing of Femininity

The YONI MASSAGE honors your power and beauty as a woman and is the perfect form to caress the jewel (clitoris), venus lips, pelvic floor, and G-Point. It is a trip into the heart of the bloom of your femininity. An orgasm is not the goal, rather sexual healing in whatever form the body expresses this need.

Yoni massage allows you to explore your body in a slow, methodical, and sensual way, without the all-too-common pressure to ‘perform’ for a partner. The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in your own skin and more in tune with your body. It gently dissolves stored trauma to clear space for desire and joy.

Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating. The practice focuses on several sensitive areas, including the breasts and stomach. Although orgasm is possible, it is not the primary goal.

You may experience multiple orgasms but the practice does not have to be necessarily always arousing. For many women, the experience is naturally more emotional rather than sexual. It is best to try to release your expectations and focus your energy on what you are feeling and be open to exploring the different sensations.

The sexual energy is distributed over the whole body and can lead to whole-body orgasms. Sexual feelings can be transformed into spiritual experiences so that obstructions are solved and sexual healing can happen. Immense healing aspects can happen after a Yoni massage, usually after some days, and lead to positive effects like easing menstruation pain.

A Yoni massage may be beneficial if you have experienced sexual trauma or at the stages of menopause.

The slow and purposeful approach may aid in reconnecting you with your body and approaching sensuality from a place of positivity. You perceive your own sexuality in a quite different light and learn to come into affectionate contact with yourself and your Yoni.

Female Orgasm

Women are able to experience 3 types of orgasms: the uterine (cervix) orgasm, the clitoral (vulvic) orgasm, and a combination of both which is commonly known as vaginal orgasm (but actually isn’t).  The uterine and clitoral orgasms can happen autonomously, but their combination is one of the deepest experiences of a woman.

Most women are not aware of their potential for an orgasm at all. Sexual research in this area started only in the 20th century, and we still have not reached the level of the ancient knowledge of Tantra and Tao, also because the evolved Tantrikas and Taoists originally imparted their wisdom directly to their followers, leaving us only very few written documents as records.


Yoni & Womb Healing

Lifetimes of stories, religions, stories, myths, laws, pain, joy, sorrow, memories, and experiences are lodged in the womb and the layers of tissues and flesh of the yoni. Through a series of methods and practices, we women can reconnect, embrace, heal, awaken and channel our yoni energy and connect it with energy circuits throughout their bodies, and source energies around us. These are practices and daily meditations that take commitment and spiritual devotion.

The Yoni is a receptive organ, in accordance with the female principle of receiving and dedication. Unfortunately, this has the consequence that also negative experiences, including those of prior generations of women, are picked up and stored there if not cleansed.


Tantra Massage Rituals for Women & Yoni Healing

Enjoy the wonderful experience of a FULL BODY TANTRA MASSAGE in a heated room with a cosy atmosphere. You can completely relax, surrender, and receive nurturing touch. A pleasurable YONI MASSAGE is naturally included.

In the longer sessions, we take time for an extended YONI HEALING or PLEASURE MASSAGE to release tensions from the body and the Yoni, to re-awaken your libido, explore energy flow, breathwork, and orgasmic states.

Available Sessions:
2h = 150€
3h = 290€
4h = 370€

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