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Tantra for Couples

The Art of Conscious Love & Sexuality

“When we go deeply into Sexuality with Awareness,
It very naturally metamorphoses into Love.
And when we enter into Love relationship with Awareness
It will transform into Prayer.”

The practice of Tantra is alchemical, with the most essential ingredient being Awareness. It contributes to creating long-lasting, harmonious and sustainable relationships, and a fulfilling love-life. Sex with someone we deeply love, is a spiritual expression; conscious lovemaking allows couples to reach a new depths of presence, connection and intimacy.

Tantra for Couples - Coaching & Private Workshops

Tantric practices aim to awaken, direct and exchange the sexual energy in the body and between partners, and there are many practices to explore. In a private Tantra Coaching, you are personally guided through Tantric practices and rituals. Together we explore your needs and wishes, your level of experience, and your unique challenges and desires to find the best personal program for both of you.

Private coaching can be very healing and a new beginning for your relationship, and also for yourself – sharing love with a partner and receiving love from them requires that we love ourselves first. I work with what comes up during the session to be healed and revealed and hold the space for you.

Stop solving problems and step into love and harmony. Bring your vibration to an everyday honeymoon feeling again. Deepen your intimacy. Help each other to heal from the rejection of love. Heal yourself from trauma and learn to love and accept your body, your emotions, and yourself completely.

Couple Coaching /
Private Tantra Workshop
3h = 300€
half day (4.5h) = 400€
full day (7h) = 800€
Prices for half and full-day retreats include lunch.

Contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

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Private Tantra Retreats for Couples

Are you looking for more than just an Introduction Workshop?
Enjoy a private Tantra Retreat, just for you and your partner.
The retreats are designed for couples who want to explore partner Tantra together for the first time, as well as for couples who would like to go deeper in their Tantra practice.

Tantra & Sensuality

Dive into sensuality and sensitivity, and explore the magic of conscious touch, playful rituals, loving awareness – together with your partner, or by receiving a Tantra massage.

A beautiful celebration of our senses and the body, the temple of our soul.

Meditation & Breath

Learn to awaken and direct the sexual energy in your body, and harmonize and uplift the vibration in your relationship. Refresh your love for an everlasting honeymoon.

You will be guided through tantric practices of loving awareness, meditations, and breath work.

Conscious Lovemaking

Reach deeper states of presence, connection and intimacy in your relationship and learn to awaken and direct the sexual energy between you and your partner.

Be guided through tantric practices of conscious lovemaking, partner meditations, rituals, and breath work.

For your private couple retreat I design a program for you, based on your level of experience,
and your needs and wishes as a couple.

Location: Moncarapacho - Algarve, South Portugal


The prices for a private retreat depend on the length of the retreat,
the number of sessions per day and the costs for the location.

Talk to me
to find the ideal program for you and your partner!

Shiva is silence. Shakti is power. Shiva is creativity. Shakti is creation. Shiva is love. Shakti is loving. These qualities aren’t opposites but complements, which is a perfect description of a sacred marriage. Mature love consists of being able to see yourself in your beloved and your beloved in yourself.

When these two cosmic energies, Shiva and Shakti, are connected, the flow of passion brings unlimited creative potential. The poles of silence and power set up a tension between them, like the yearning felt between a man and a woman that can only be satisfied by the exchange of love.

~The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra

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