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Pola Vida Tantra Massage Portugal Portugal

About Me

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Tantra & Shamanism

The teachings and practices of Tantra and Shamanism have been the answer and revelation to everything that I have ever been seeking and will be my journey until I leave the earth and my body. As a Heyoka, Psychic Empath and Channeler, I am able to use my gift to channel and transform feelings and energies for healing.

Holistic Body & Energy Work

Since 2007, I have studied holistic healing therapies and energy work and have been working as a Tantra & Body Therapist in Germany, India, and Portugal. I have helped and counseled  clients in their sexual healing and their path of Self-Love and Self-Confidence. I coach couples, men and women, giving spiritual and practical guidance.


I have practiced and trained in Thai Yoga Massage, OsteoThai, Chinese Massage/TuiNa, Ayurvedic Massage, Theta Healing, Tantra Massage, Sexological Bodywork, Channeling, Theta Healing, Autogenic Deep Relaxation Training since 2007.

Pola Vida Tantra & Self-Love Coaching

I am Human of the Earth and Being of the Stars
I am Woman, Goddess, Witch, Priestess, and Healer.
I am a Heyoka, a Psychic Empath & Clairvoyant,
Messenger, Channeler.

I am Healer, Bodyworker, Teacher, and Counselor.
I speak the language of Nature and of the Animals.
I am Artist, Poet, Creator.
I am Tantrika finding Truth in Love.

I am Everything
I create and reinvent myself every moment again
from infinite Divine Potential,
Life is a Path of Transformation
and I change constantly.

Pola Vida
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What I Offer

Coaching for Couples & Individuals

Sexual & Pleasure Healing
Yoni & Lingam Healing
Relationship & Self-Love
Energy & Breath Work & Body-Awareness
Tantric-Shamanic Rituals, Ceremonies

Body & Energy Work

Tantra Massage, Sexual Healing
YinYang & Chakra Balancing
Deep Relaxation, Channeling


Tantra Massage & Energy Work
Holistic Massage & Bodywork
Intuition & Sensuality
Tantra & Breathwork

Coaching for Communities & Projects

Restoring & Deepening Connections in the Community Body
Individual Workshops & Mentoring
Shadow Work
Emotional Resilience
Empathic Leadership

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What Clients Say About Me


„Pola is a rare healer, someone who I will recommend to anyone who has deep issues that need help and a safe place to release. Her presence is beautiful - grounded and direct which I like very much. She can see the energies playing in the body and could respond at each moment to what was needed to bring me out of the emotional states, yet allow them to release as much as possible. She also taught me self practice at home which I use daily.

I am so grateful to her and the community she is creating around her. She comes from pure unattached care and love, which is important when healing. I love you Pola and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namastes and blessings to you and all who come into your sacred space. OM Shanti Om xxx“
~ Janya (f) UK/Portugal


Already in the first hour of the course, Pola guided us with her calm voice and presence through a meditation, that immediately opened my heart. Her tender and respectful way and also her playfulness are a real joy and for those days with her, I accepted her completely as my guidance. She really knows how to open up a save space that can bring true healing within yourself. Thank you dear Pola, you are inspiring!
~ Lea (f) Switzerland


“In the summer of 2021, I was fortunate enough to spend a few sessions working with Pola, and it is no exaggeration to say that the work we did together transformed my life. With a combination of Tantric coaching, breathwork, bodywork, and massage, Pola introduced me to Tantra in a way that was both structured specifically for my needs and organic enough to allow the sessions to move in whichever direction felt right.

Throughout the sessions themselves, Pola was able to show me things which I had never before thought possible, things that opened my eyes and changed the way I perceive the world – for the better.

Unfortunately, I do not live in Portugal, but if I did I would like to work with Pola on a regular basis, as I feel there is still so much I could learn from her. In short – thank you, Pola. For everything. With Love, Tim”
– Tim (m), UK

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References & Teachers

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JULIAN MARCUS BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Bodywork

– Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Taoist Sexual Alchemy Mentor and Founder of The School of Relational Bodywork

Julian and Pola co-teach workshops and host retreats together in Portugal on the themes of embodiment and sexuality.

Julian’s passion is to facilitate and support the joyful embodiment of your healthiest and happiest erotic self and in tune with others. What a world of difference this makes to our individual and collective lives! His background was grounded two decades ago with a BSc(Hons) in Therapeutic Bodywork. He went onto study Taoist alchemy and Chi kung, Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education. For 6 years until 2021 he co-ran a professional conscious birth education platform and a separate Bodywork learning platform for touch therapists for 6 years where me met, hosted taught with and over 100 leading authors and educators in the world of trauma, bodywork and therapy.

Read more:  * About Julian * Facebook * Instagram

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