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Tantric Bodywork

Tantric Bodywork

Tantric bodywork has all the elements of a tantric massage ritual but goes deeper into physical blockages and sexual coaching.

I have a long background in holistic bodywork, such as Thai Yoga massage, Ayurveda, Acupressure, and energy work. I combine these techniques intuitively with the sensual approach and moments of a tantric massage.

In the tantric bodywork session, we can work on specific physical and sexual blockages to release energy from the body with the result of a better pranic energy flow and balance in the body – or we can just enjoy the pleasure of being stretched, held and moved by another naked body to feel totally free in our ‘being body’ as we were born: Naked.

Through harmonization of the body, alignment of the energy pathways, and balancing of the Yin and Yang, you will feel wonderfully relaxed and vitalized for a long time afterwards.

A tantric massage can help you release sexual and emotional blockages, your chakras are being balanced, your whole energy field cleansed, and you will experience deep relaxation and a boost of energy.

Lingam and Yoni are naturally included in the massage.

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Tantric Bodywork

Enjoy this wonderful freeing experience, and open your body and mind.

210€ for a 2h session
250€ for a 2.5h session
290€ for a 3h session

A Yoni or Lingam Massage can be included in a tantric bodywork session.

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