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Tantra Massage Training

Tantra Massage Training- Program Overview -

Tantra Massage TrainingLevel 1

Basic Tantra Massage Training incl Yoni & Lingam Massage for beginners and practitioners, for private and professional use.

Yoni & Lingam MassageLevel 2

Advanced Yoni & Lingam Massage training for practitioners and graduates of the Tantra Massage Level 1.

Tantra Massage Training AdvancedLevel 2

Advanced Tantra Massage Training for men & women. Tantric Bodywork, Bonding & Holding, Body-to-Body Massage, 4-hand Massage, Yoni & Lingam

Tantra Massage Training AdvancedLevel 3

Advanced Tantra Massage Training. Intuitive Massage, Conscious Touch, Breath & Energy Work, Yoni & Lingam Massage, Anal Massage, Big Draw.

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