May 13, 2024 May 17, 2024
Moncarapacho, Algarve Portugal
Venue: 30hour THAI YOGA MYOFASCIAL BODYWORK Training with Howard Evans & Julian Marcus
Address: Moncarapacho, Faro
Zipcode: 8700
Country: Faro, Portugal


30-hour Professional
Bodywork Training


Howard Evans & Julian Marcus

13-17 May 2024
Moncarapacho, South Portugal



START: Monday, 13 May 2024
END: Friday, 17 May 2024

VENUE: The Sanctuary, Moncarapacho/Olhão – Algarve, South Portugal (for directions scroll down)

The training course will be held in ENGLISH (Translation to GERMAN or PORTUGUESE possible) and is suitable for massage beginners as well as practitioners.



This is a foundational Thai Yoga Massage Training with a myofascial approach.


Thai 30: A meditative dance

The key to the work lies in the quality of touch and connection.
Without this deepening, the techniques are just techniques. With a willingness to enter this process of deepening, the work begins to sing.


Traditional Thai medicine operates on a network of 72,000 channels known as ‘sen.’  The myofascial approach interprets these as pathways, akin to Structural Integration. This method brings simplicity, allowing practitioners to embody the practice for deeper relaxation and healing.

Thai Massage, conducted on the floor without oil, offers versatility and portability, making it adaptable and integrable into various massage routines.

Participants will acquire a comprehensive seventy-five-minute routine suitable for general practice with healthy clients. The course emphasizes practitioner elements like posture, breathing, rhythm, self-awareness, attention, and concentration. The goal is to cultivate a massage style that benefits both the giver and the recipient.

In contrast to other bodywork systems, Thai Massage may seem very humble. Yet, if the Sen lines truly represent myofascial pathways, and if we can use them to soften and lengthen muscles, this seemingly humble technique becomes profound. It may enhance blood flow, aiding oxygen and nutrient transport, assist lymph drainage, remove toxins, and reduce pressure on nerves from muscles and connective tissue, minimizing extraneous noise in the central nervous system.


If you are looking at becoming a bodywork professional we highly recommend experiencing the depth and sensitivity of restorative bodywork.
This will ground you in skillful touch, the power of presence with a client and its effect on the body, and finding your inner stillness.


* Complete Beginners
Learn massage simply for the pleasure of practicing with friends and family, or explore massage as a profession.

* Massage & Bodywork professionals
Expand your repertoire of massage skills and techniques.

* Movement Teachers
Enhance your relationship skills and deepen your understanding of holistic practice, if you work in areas such as dance, Yoga, Pilates, fitness, or care.



Howard shares his innovative myofascial approach to Thai Massage, honed through 20 years of practice and teaching. Dive into his expertise detailed in the book ‘A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage,’ published in January 2009 by Churchill Livingstone.

Once enrolled you will receive a PDF copy of Howard’s Book: “A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage East Meets West” as a course study guide for pre-reading for reference after the training.


The Sanctuary – near Moncarapacho/Olhão – Algarve/South Portugal



This is a guest event facilitated by external teachers. To learn more about the training and to enroll, please follow this link:


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