September 21, 2021 October 19, 2021
Pereiro Grande, Alentejo, Portugal
Address: Pereiro Grande, Odemira
Zipcode: 7630
Country: PT

5-Week Training Course

South Portugal



START: Tuesday, 21 September 2021
END: Tuesday, 19 October 2021
VENUE: Casa dos Amigos, Pereiro Grande / Odemira, Alentejo, Southwest Portugal (for directions scroll down)

Maximum participants: 12 adults.
The training course will be held in ENGLISH & GERMAN (Translation to PORTUGUESE possible) and is suitable for beginners, couples, and singles.


What You Will Learn

You learn the basics of Tantra & Energy Massage over 5 weeks step by step, and you can deepen and practice what you learned between the sessions. For all lessons, you receive a manual that you can practice with.

Each training day starts with a deepening summary and Q&A to the previous lessons and you can contact me personally during the week if you have questions about your practice.

After the Tantra Massage Training Course, you will

  • be able to give a full body sensual Tantra massage
  • have learned lots of different massage techniques and attentive touch
  • understand the basics of energy work and holistic massage
  • know the secrets of sensual touch
  • be more sensitive, intuitive & perceptive
  • be more confident to express your needs for touch
  • know the secrets of a really good massage
  • understand the language of the body better


Each training day includes group practices like meditation, breath, and embodiment practices, and massage in pairs.

Week 1
– Main Structure
– Working with oil
– Basic grips and strokes
– Opening/Closing rituals
– Yin Yang balancing

Week 2
– Deeper massage techniques
– Exploring needs & intuition
– Hand, feet & face massage
– Deep relaxation points
– Acupressure & Stretching

Week 3
– Complete front and back massage
– Holding & Bonding
– Deepening sensitivity & intuition
– Intuitive touch
– Breast Massage
– Opening physical blockages

Week 4
– Working with the sexual energy
– Chakras
– Opening the energetic channel
– womb heart connection
– Yoni & Lingam Massage

Week 5
– Practice day

Sensuality, Sensitivity & Connection

Being sensual means to feel and love everything with all our senses and all our parts of being. To become more sensual, we need to become more sensitive, more mindful, more ourselves first. We need to be able to feel and be in our bodies.

From a place of being deeply connected with ourselves, we can deeply connect with others. When we have learned to be soft and sensitive with ourselves, we can be soft and sensitive with others.

Sensual touch and sensitive connection with each other is an experience that is going under the skin and touching the soul. We are giving and receiving loving touch from each other from a place of openness and self-respect.

This Training course is for you if you

  • have always wanted to learn Tantra massage
  • like to learn in a small group – directly from an experienced Tantra & body therapist for a really inexpensive price!
  • to know how to REALLY touch someone and their soul
  • would like to know how to open a woman and what men like
  • like to learn tricks that I uncovered in years of working with thousands of clients
  • develop more body awareness and love for yourself
  • develop more sensitivity to become truly sensual (and a wonderful lover)
  • become more intuitive and self-confident in the sexual encounter


Training Certificate & Manual

Certificate: You will receive a certificate for professional use.
Manual: For each week’s training lesson you receive a manual that you can practice with between the weekly training sessions.


Facilitator / About

Pola Vida – Tantra & Sensuality Coach & Therapist

I have worked and trained as a Tantra & Body Therapist in Germany, India, and Portugal for 15 years, with thousands of clients, helping them to heal sexual imbalances and emotional stress, coaching couples to deeper love, and in transition times, giving spiritual guidance to self-love and self-confidence.

Read more ABOUT ME

About Tantra massage & my work:


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Singles: 450€ /Person*
Couples: 800€ /Couple

Payment in installments possible – please CONTACT me.

Your booking is valid with the payment of a 50% deposit.
The remainder is to be paid until 5 days before the training. Please read the Terms & Conditions.

*Reduced Price: If the training has a minimum of 4 participants, the group price can be reduced.

Contact & Questions:

telegram: https:/
mobile: +351 920 307 851 (signal, whatsapp)


Please fill out the booking form below.

After we have received your booking request, we will send you an email with the payment and retreat details.

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Casa Dos Amigos, Pereiro Grande/Odemira/Portugal

Casa dos Amigos is a wonderful, tranquil nature place, and 100% off-grid in the heart of the South Alentejo Region – a paradise with a garden Eden, cork oaks, and fruit trees, 1 hour from the Atlantic ocean. Only half an hour away is the Santa Clara lake.
Casa dos Amigos is situated near the village of Pereiro Grande, in the Odemira region, Southwest Alentejo. (For the directions please scroll down.)

How to get there

By Car:

Casa dos Amigos is situated near the village of Pereiro Grande, in the Odemira region, Southwest Alentejo.

Coming by car from Lisbon please or Faro please plan an additional traveling time of 1h to arrive in time! After you left the highway, you will mostly go roads that take time to travel – the Alentejo road speed is almost tantric and in our experience, the traveling takes much more time than google suggests, due to the road conditions and the risk of easily get lost due to poorly signposted roads.

We will send you detailed directions to the venue before the retreat.



If you like to stay overnight, please contact Michael – Casa dos Amigos – directly.
Contact: +351 966 798 572



Thank you for your Love!